Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Sale

Our August Sale starts TODAY!

Ms. Mac's, too
300 Broadway Avenue
Carver, MN 55315
Thursday August 22nd, 10am - 5pm
Friday August 21st, 10am - 4pm
Saturday August 23rd, 10am - 4pm

We will always stay open later
just sent us an email to set up a time to stop in.
Here's a sneak peek.
We'll post more pictures tomorrow.

We picked up some new cupboards the past couple of weeks.

Searching for antique egg baskets?
We've got a bunch to choose from!

Great old vintage Bakery Display piece.
Metal tag is marked St. Paul.


Sweet bird bath we found recently.
Hard to tell in the picture but the base is a blue color.

Next Sale in Carver
September 19, 20, 21
Our Janesville Shop will also be open this week!
10:30 - 4:30pm

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  1. I have that same exact bread tray in my shed. It's labeled Tastee! Cool to know that there is more than one that survived! PS. Hope to see you at Junk Bonanza!